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Love and Unity Church of God in Christ
Dr. Ronald C. Hill, Sr., Pastor and Founder
Then and now
Ronald C. Hill accepted the pastoral call while working as a chaplain at the Union
Rescue Mission, located on “skid row” in downtown Los Angeles.  The Love and Unity
Church was founded in November 1981.  When the church opened, the only members
were Pastor Hill, his wife, their four small children, and a few church members.  Pastor Hill
began his ministry in a rented room at a Seventh Day Adventist church in Lynwood,
California.  This room rented for $35 each Sunday.  The small room had a fireplace, which
kept the saints warm after waiting outside on many Sundays for the manager to open
the doors because they were not given a set of keys.

Pastor Hill trusted in God to open the door for another place to worship.  After three
months, God provided a building located on Long Beach Boulevard and Agnes Street in
Compton.  The building rented for $200 a month.  Although this was a one-room
storefront building that only seated 60 people, Pastor Hill and the members were
overwhelmed with joy and sang praises.  They no longer had to wait in the cold for the
building to be opened, God made it possible for Pastor to have a set of keys.  Pastor Hill
and the congregation prayed and believed God for more members, funds, and Holy
Ghost power.  Subsequently, God blessed him to teach and preach every Sunday
morning to a standing room only congregation.  

After about eight months, a prophecy came forth that there would be a need for a
new site.  Soon after, the prophecy was fulfilled and the church moved to the Ramada
Inn, in Carson, California.  The rent was $75 per day.  Transferring the piano from Pastor
Hill’s house to the Ramada Inn and back again, having prayer meetings from house to
house, and bible studies at his home were indeed challenges.  Sister Osie held bible
study with the children in one of the bedrooms, ministering to their precious souls and
leading them to the Lord.

About four months later, the Lord blessed them with their first church home, Love and
Unity Church, located at 1717 Bullis Road in Compton.  The members, led by Pastor Hill,
stood on God’s word, John 14:13.  “And whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name,
I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”  They were able to raise the
$24,000 down payment to purchase the $94,000 building.

In 1987, God enabled Pastor Hill and the L&U congregation to secure the $110,000 down
payment required for the purchase of 357 East Palmer Street in the city of Compton.  
This building was once used as a banquet and party facility.  However, it was renovated
and transformed into a sanctuary, a place of worship and praise to glorify God.  The
Lord blessed this place and it became necessary to hold two morning services to
accommodate the saints. As the church membership grew steadily, Pastor Hill and the
congregation began to seek God’s guidance for a larger building.  The saints of L&U
trusting in the Word of God -- fasted, prayed, increased tithes and offerings, and held
many shut-ins as a sacrificial offerings to the Father, believing in the Prophecy and Vision
of a new (larger) church home.  

By Faith….Sunday April 24, 2005 marked the day that God blessed Pastor Ronald C. Hill,
The Hill Family and the Love and Unity Church of God in Christ to march into their new
church home located at 1840 S. Wilmington Avenue in the City of Compton. This
building was a multi-million dollar project.  The money raised for this project was acquired
by teaching the people from the Word of God to consistently pay tithes and give liberal
offerings.  During the building process, the Lord led Pastor Hill to place two signs in the
sanctuary that stated, “Lovers and Givers Are Big Time Livers” and “By Faith We Can Do
This”.  This journey has taken five years.  This five-year journey has greatly tested our
faith.  There were many obstacles conquered along the way because we believed. We
stood firm on the promises of God and BY FAITH, WE DID IT!
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